Ladder for Shropshire

What we do

  • Provide free impartial advice regarding Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Kickstart

  • Provide information on grants and incentives available to employers

  • Put you in touch with the best local training providers to suit your needs

About us

The Ladder for Shropshire is a one-stop shop to offer impartial advice and support to encourage employers to offer apprenticeships, traineeships and kickstart opportunities.

Why are we doing this?


The Ladder is raising awareness to create opportunites in Shropshire for young people. Youth unemployment has doubled since the beginning of 2020 and the number of apprenticeships on offer is almost 50% lower than this time last year. Raising awareness can contribute to the regions recovery from the davastating pandemic.


To avoid losing a generation of young people the Ladder for Shropshire can provide clear direction on all the new incentives and programmes on offer.

What are we asking employers?

Quite simply, we are asking employers across Shropshire – big or small – to offer an apprenticeship, traineeship or opportunities to one or more young people.

We are also needing employers to become Ladder Ambassadors and proactively champion apprenticeships to help us promote the recruitment of young people by sharing experiences, knowledge, skills and to showcase their apprentices to encourage other employers.

How you can benefit

  • Skilled and motivated workforce

  • Fresh innovative ideas

  • Increased productivity

  • Staff more attuned to your needs

  • Bridging the skills gap

  • Contribute to the growth of the local economy

Are you ready to step up?

“Hard working apprentices, who believe in the company and the product can bring enthusiasm and energy to a site. They have been a pleasure to employ and we will continue to do so”